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Introducing Skylar Saunders

We have exciting news to announce here at Flawless! After being open for about one year (given some COVID delays), we are thrilled to announce that Skylar Saunders has joined the Flawless team as a full-time esthetician and lash artist. She has worked hard to train with Ashley, and she is ready to take clients!

To let our Flawless community get to know a bit more about our newest star, we sat down with Skylar to learn about her background and what has led her to the #lashlife:

What motivates you?

A desire to be the best at what I do and become a successful artist in my craft.  I want my clients to trust that my services will exceed their expectations each and every time so when I feel my work is validated it pushes me to want to get even better!

What made you want to become an esthetician?

I've always been very meticulous about the look of my own lashes and brows for years but I never really thought of it as a career path until I went to college for my first year during the heart of Covid and things just weren’t what I had hoped they would be.  I had to re-think what I thought my future would be and what I could do that would make me feel accomplished so going to esthetician school just seemed like the right choice.  I’m so happy I did because I finally feel like I am in the right place doing what I am meant to be doing.  I still plan on returning to college but it will be for something that complements my journey as a lash and

brow artist so that I can continue to excel as a successful esthetician.  Being an esthetician is rewarding, it makes me feel good when my clients are happy with what I have done to accentuate their natural beauty and it’s a lot of fun!  It's important to do what makes you feel good if you have the opportunity and I’m very glad I have been lucky enough to find something I’m passionate about.  I actually look forward to going to work so I feel blessed.

What’s your favorite part about lashing so far?

Seeing my clients open their eyes after I finish a full set.  I love seeing the end result! And, watching my client’s reactions when I give them the mirror so they can see their new beautiful, lashes is very rewarding.  

How has the learning process been with esthetics?

The learning process has been great.  Going through esthetician school teaches you a lot of new concepts and there is a lot to learn.  At first things are challenging because it’s all new and once you start applying what you have learned you get more familiar.  Like anything, over time and the more I practice, I am getting better and better each day and will only get better from here on out.  I’ve met a lot of great people along the way so the whole experience has been very satisfying so far.

What’s your favorite look to do?

I would say it varies from eye to eye but I do like the look and technique of creating long, full lashes. It’s important to always first ensure that a client’s natural lashes are healthy enough for certain lengths so when my client tells me they want long lashes it is exciting if I can complete the look they are hoping to achieve.  I feel it is very imp

ortant to make sure I consider the health of the client’s lashes ahead of what I am being asked to do so that their lashes can remain healthy over the lifetime of their extension applications.  It is a goal of mine to continue to obtain more lash certifications so that I am able to provide a variety of lash looks to my clients.

What are your hobbies outside of flawless ?

Right now I focus on working out regularly, I love to bake (and eat) healthy desserts and foods so I’m usually always cooking something or trying out new recipes, shopping is an all time favorite hobby of mine, I 'm always taking pictures, and hanging out with friends and meeting new people never gets old.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Waking up excited to go to work and see what great looks I will be able to accomplish that day!  I’m excited to keep working on getting better at what I love to do and seeing my clients happy with the results is the best thing ever.  When I see a full schedule for the day it confirms for me that I am accomplishing my goals.  It’s also great that I’ve been lucky enough to work with and learn from a great boss who helps and encourages me to be the best I can be!

We want to book with you! What’s your current availability?

I work Tuesday through Friday, both mornings and evenings!

So we all know @flawlessfacesnh on Instagram! Do you have a page so we can follow your personal work?

I do! It's @sky.lashnbrow

To book with Skylar, check out Flawless Faces on the Vagaro app. With the holidays fast-approaching, or to make sure your lashes are full and fluffy for some Fall fun, make sure you plan ahead and book your appointments in advance!



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