Full Set  $190                                       Junior Artist Full Set*  $110

90 Minute Fill  $85                              Junior Artist 90 Minute Fill*  $75

60 Minute Fill  $75                              Junior Artist 60 Minute Fill*  $60

Extended Classic Fill $100                 Junior Artist Extended Classic Fill*  $90

Synthetic eyelashes are placed on a natural eyelash, one at a time, giving the eye more fullness and length. The synthetic eyelashes differ in curls depending on the natural lash, the desired look, and the shape of the eye. The variety of diameters and lengths are used to either create a more natural look or a more dramatic look. This set mimics the look of mascara (without all the mess!). This set is NOT best for people with a sparse lash line or are looking to achieve a more dramatic effect.

*Junior Artist Full Sets and Fills are done by certified lash artists and licensed aestheticians who are in the process of mastering their skill-set.



Full Set  $285

90 Minute Fill  $115

60 Minute Fill $100

Extended Volume Fill $150

Volume and Russian volume lashing is a highly skilled technique of carefully made volume fans to achieve a fluffy dense look. Fans are comprised of individual synthetic lashes ranging in 2-8 D. Looks can vary from a lighter volume look to a more dramatic dense look. This set is perfect for those who seek a more voluminous look but lack an adequate amount of natural lashes OR those that are looking for that extra drama! This look is completely customizable.



Full Set $225

90 Minute Fill $100

60 Minute Fill $85

Extended Hybrid Fill $120

Can't decide? Hybrid lash extensions are a mixture of classic lash extensions and volume fans. Volume fans are created by hand one at a time and placed on each individual eyelash to achieve a more dramatic effect. With both the classic lash extensions and volume fans a fuller more textured wispy look is achieved. We call this, the best of both worlds!



Full Set $300

90 Minute Fill $125

Extended Specialized Volume $150

This look is for those looking for that EXTRA drama! The mega babes and the texture babes. Mega volume is comprised of 8-25 fans/ bouquets, weighing the same amount as one classic lash. Mega volume is a very dark and dense look, giving an extra VOLUMINOUS look. Texture is achieved by applying mixed lengths throughout the lash line,  giving the look of spikes, and points.



$140 * includes eyelash tint

For the ladies that don’t want the maintenance but want the drama. A lash lift is a semi-permanent curl of the lashes using a two-step solution process by placing the natural lashes on a rod or shield (depending on eye shape & desired look) giving them more of a lifted look. After lift process is finished, a tint is added to semi permanently color the lashes, giving them an even bolder look. We then add a keratin serum to add shine and moisture to the lashes. The lash lift lasts as long as the natural growth, which is usually 6-8 weeks. An aftercare kit is included. ** An eyelash tint is included within the service, so no additional tint appointments are needed.




A semi-permanent dye is used to color the eyelashes the desired color chosen by the client, lasting 2-3 weeks.

*All full sets & lash lifts include a complimentary aftercare gift bag. 

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