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Flawless Faces, how did it all start?

Flawless Faces, located in downtown Dover, New Hampshire, was founded by Ashley Dellapiana in March of 2020.

As we all remember, that was quite an interesting month! Shortly after the grand opening, and like so many other businesses, Flawless Faces was forced to close their doors from the end of March until June 1.

Ashley’s dedication to personal care started well before her decision to open Flawless.

“When I was graduating high school, I was dead set on being a dental hygienist,” Ashley recalls. “After a year and a half of dental hygiene school, I decided it wasn’t for me. I took some time off to figure out what it was that I wanted to do.”

Ashley’s gift of steady hands made her think. “I enjoyed using my hands in a meticulous way… but it wasn’t within the dental field.”

During this reflective period, she discovered how much she enjoyed makeup — not only on herself, but on others as well. Ashley was already accustomed to doing her own makeup before every horse show during her adolescence. “I was partially raised in Florida and did competitive horseback riding,” Ashley remembers. “The judge would actually judge our look and our outfits in certain classes, and it would determine part of our placement.” This adolescent experience, coupled with her newfound hobby, gave Ashley some ideas.

She returned to school at the University of New Hampshire, and while in business school, her “true love for beauty evolved.” Ashley graduated with an Associates Degree and enrolled immediately in esthetician classes. By the time she completed her certification, her calling was clear — she wanted to dedicate her trade to lashes, brows, and skincare.

Once she started working as a licensed esthetician and lash artist at a reputable Portsmouth studio, Ashley never looked back. In particular, the art of lash extensions drew her further into her passion. “Lash extensions had become such a passion of mine. I was eating, sleeping, breathing them.”

After a few years in the industry, and attending numerous nationwide classes led by experts to learn new techniques, Ashley decided it was time to venture out on her own. “It was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Naming her very own studio also came from a deep-rooted passion. “I came up with the name Flawless Faces out of the love I have for Beyonce and her hit song, ‘Flawless’. My goal is to make women feel confident, beautiful, and happy.”

Since opening (and then re-opening) Flawless Faces in early 2020, Ashley has hired two new artists and a receptionist to join her elite team.

Ashley herself holds certifications in both Mega Volume and Face Design, and has trained with various artists focusing on Russian volume techniques that incorporate different curls into sets to create distinct effects. In July of 2020, Ashley became a member of Untamed Artistry's Geek Squad, affording her the opportunity to expand her knowledge, creativity, and network. Most recently, Ashley trained with a well known lash lift artist out of Orange County California focusing on the "Mile High Lift" technique, giving her broader knowledge on lash lifting and brow laminations.

Ashley is always in search of new and cutting-edge techniques to add to her skill set, setting her apart from the competition in an ambitious industry. Looking ahead, Ashley plans to become an educator for Untamed Artistry to lend her knowledge and experience to the budding lash artists of today and tomorrow, all as she continues to grow Flawless Faces as the brick and mortar representation of her passion and talent.



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