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Henna Brows Explained!

We are thrilled to be offering a new and unique service to fill in those eyebrows for you! Have you ever heard of using henna on your brows? If not, we have you covered! Flawless Artist Skylar Saunders is certified in henna brow treatments, and she sat down with us to tell us (and you!) all about this service.

What is a henna brow treatment?

Henna is a more customizable, longer-lasting version of eyebrow tinting. It comes to us in a powder form that we mix with distilled water to the same consistency of honey. The service takes about one hour, as the henna mixture needs about 15 minutes to process. You’ll also get an eyebrow wax as part of this service!

What are the benefits for clients?

This is a great treatment for anyone with sparse eyebrows or gaps in their brows. Since it is a form of tinting, clients with naturally lighter hair will find that it darkens their brows. Regardless of your natural brow color, this service is great if you don’t want to spend time filling in your brows on your own!

What makes this service so special at Flawless Faces?

We are one of very few Seacoast locations that offers this service! We use top-rated products from Hennatician, an Australian-based company, which come with various color options to mix the henna and find the perfect shade for our clients. At the start of each service, I consult with the client to learn what they would like, personalize the henna mixture, and then ensure that I provide the most relaxing experience for the client during the service. For first-time henna clients, I educate them on ideal aftercare and how to style their new brow look.

How long does one treatment last?

Depending on your skincare routine, the henna will last between 4-6 weeks on brows and up to 2 weeks on skin.

What do you recommend for aftercare?

After your service, avoid getting your eyebrows wet for 12 hours to let the henna set. When you wash your face, try to only wash around your brows. For daily habits, avoid rubbing your brows and wearing makeup over the henna; these actions can cause the brows to fade faster from constant touching.

Can you still get other Flawless services with henna brows?

Yes! The service includes a brow wax, or we can accommodate brow laminations. You can still get your skincare treatments from us with henna brows. We’ll have a record of your henna treatment in our system and will know to work around your brows.

You can book your henna brow treatment with Skylar directly through Vagaro online. If you are using the Vagaro app, you can find this service under our Flawless Brow Bar offerings.



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